Virtual Instrument: Clifford's Grand Piano

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"Clifford's Grand Piano" is a sensitive and expressive full range piano sample set, for Kontakt, Bitwig Studio, and also TX16Wx Sampler. It includes the set of samples used to build it so you can choose individual sounds, or simply start it up in Kontakt Player, or as a Bitwig preset.

High quality stereo sound with a small file size. Loads up quickly with low memory usage.

Thanks to the dynamic lowpass filter and multiple velocity recordings, you can enjoy playing from a very delicate and somber articulation up to strong percussive tones. A truly inspiring and unique piano.

Recorded with a dual mic setup at close range from inside the open lid.

I want this!

Grand Piano Virtual Instrument for Kontakt NKI, Bitwig BwPreset, WAV list of samples

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